Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ice Skating!

Our local PBS station had a big birthday bash today. We heard one could gain free admittance to the ice skate center if one brought in a new children's book. We happened to have a couple of those lying around the house that I weren't given away at Christmas, so Ajay and I headed out to see what kind of damage we could cause! We got our skates on and headed out onto the ice. It didn't take long for Ajay to end up face down on the cold stuff! And then he was there again. And again. I lost count of how many times he fell, but he was always ready to get up and try again. I heard serveral "Mom, I'm doing it!" 's. It took the both of us about 20 minutes to make one full round. And that was that. He was ready to get out of the rink. So we got our shoes back on and headed to the upper level, where there was cake and juice, bubbles, face painting, and balloon animals! What else could a preschooler ask for??

As we checked in, Clifford the Big Red Dog and Curious George were there to greet us.

We locked up our street shoes and hobbled around in our ice skates. We're lucky neither one of us broke an ankle! Ajay took this pic of me - I wasn't sure if I was in the shot, so I squatted down a bit. It looks a bit awkward!

Ajay wasn't afraid to get out there! Oh to be a kid again!

A little video clip to watch:

We got to visit the Bubble Man and Troubles the Clown. These are characters Ajay has seen on T.V. so he was thrilled to see them in person. However, the cat did get his tongue as they asked him questions. Here is Ajay standing inside a bubble, and with his balloon sword and helmet (these both popped about 5 minutes after he got them, so we waited in line again for a second sword).

And although this lil feller wasn't a part of our ice skating birthday party, he came to sit on a tree branch in our backyard last week and I wanted to share him with you. What a beauty! (He or She, I'm not entirely sure!)

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