Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Flu - Part 2

Warning: This post is not for anyone with a weak stomach!
We've got the flu in the house. Nasty little germ.
Of course we didn't know we had a bug on Tuesday when my sister brought her girls over for a play date. Now it seems both families have it.
I started feeling a little queasy yesterday (Wed) morning. Ajay went to school, feeling fine, but mentioning an upset stomach. It was hard for me to know if he really did have an upset tum or if he was just saying it 'cuz I was saying it. Over the course of the day, I got progressively worse. After lunch (I didn't eat!) Alex went down for his nap and I turned on Kung Fu Panda for Ajay. I camped out on the couch, wearing sweats and covered by two blankets. I still felt cold, and had goose bumps. Yet I didn't feel feverish. It was odd. Once Ajay's movie was over, I got him set up at the computer, where he stayed, playing PBS all afternoon. Biju took complete care of the boys in the evening, getting their dinner, tidying up with them, getting them in their pajamas. They knelt by the couch so I could say bedtime prayers with them, then he tucked them in. Biju's stomach seemed to be feeling "a little funny," too. As any parent knows, it just won't do to have two sick parents!
I moved from the couch to the bed a little after 10, and 2.5 hours later, Ajay came in crying "Mommy! I spit up on my pillow!" Well the sweetheart may have used the more gentle term "spit up" but it was the real deal!! I was still weak and feeling ill, so Biju had to take care of the situation. We set Ajay up on the love seat, and I decided to sleep on the couch to be near him. We put a bowl in between the couches "just in case." About ten minutes after we were all settled in, Ajay made a beeline for the bathroom. At least this time it made it into the designated spot!!
This morning, we all had a piece of dry toast, and Biju ran to Quik Trip to get us some Gatorade before he left for work. Alex has mentioned "Tummy. Hurt." but has been acting normal. I kept Ajay home from school, but he seems to be feeling fairly decent (though when I ask how his tummy is he says it still bothers him). With my toast, I was able to take a Tylenol and I feel SOO much better. My joints don't ache anymore and my headache is gone. I was able to put fresh sheets onto Ajay's bed, and have plans of (slowly, bit by bit) doing the dishes. I'll also be washing the laundry to get rid of any lingering germs!
I'm feeling a lot better and I'm hoping to eat some lunch when it comes time. If all goes well, I think I'll even be able to attend my Bunco gathering tonight! I'll just be sure to gargle with Listerine before I head out, and I'll take hand sanitizer with me :) I know the ladies I play Bunco with won't want any part of my flu germs!
My apologies to Shelly and her crew. I hope the girls feel better soon! Maybe everyone will just get the 24-hour version!
(By the way, the Flu - Part 1 version took place back at the beginning of November. However I was the only one who got the flu. The others were lucky enough not to come down with what I had)
Here's hoping everyone else is keeping healthy!!


The Rouse House said...

ick! I've heard a lot of the 24 hour stuff is going around.

Kalinda said...

I'm SOO glad it was just 24 hours!! Our stomachs are still a bit sensitive to heavy foods, though. Even tonight when I gave the boys a special treat at McDs, Ajay and I both ended up with an unhappy tum. I don't know about Alex, but he was grumpy before bedtime!