Sunday, November 8, 2009

Knee Surgery

About a month back, Biju was playing racquetball and injured his knee. He's had x-rays and an MRI and the decision has been made that he will need surgery to mend his meniscus and a couple of ligaments. If he were to opt not to have the surgery, he could hobble around okay for awhile, then he would likely get arthritis in his knee by age 50. Then by age 60, he would probably need a knee replacement, with a second replacement at age 70 (and again at 80).
He had to swing by the doctor's office to have a chest x-ray (to be sure there was no fluid in his lungs) and have some blood drawn. His chest looks clear and we're still waiting to hear the restults of the blood tests. As long as they come back fine, the surgery will be on Friday this week. We need to be there by 7:30am, with the surgery (under general anesthetic) beginning around 8:30am. I'm hoping our neighbor will be able to take care of the boys and get Ajay to and from school. Biju thinks we'll be home by 1pm. He'll have his first physical therapy session on the following Monday and probably go back to work either Tuesday or Wednesday. In preparation for his being down for awhile, we're trying to get things done around the house - raking/bagging leaves, painting a few things around the outside of the house, and we'll be doing some big cooking. He loves his Indian food, and there are only a couple of dishes that I can do well.
I was sick last week (I think it was a cold first that slipped into the 24 hour flu - not H1N1 - then went back to a regular cold) and am still being annoyed by a sinus infection, but I'm glad that I should be feeling 100% by the time surgery comes around. The boys also had a bit of the sickies before I got it. Alex is still battling the same sinus infection I have, but Ajay barely even noticed his stuffy nose. Biju had a scratchy throat, some sneezes and sniffles, but I think he's doing better, too.
Please keep Biju and the surgeon in your prayers as we come upon this surgery!
Here are a few pics of the boys "helping" as we're getting things done around the house...

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