Tuesday, March 20, 2012

We all fall down

(This post was actually written up yesterday but I couldn't sit at the computer long enough to finish/post it.)

Don't come to our home-sy,
Our cheeks are hot and rosey.

4 out of the 5 family members are sick.  Ajay is the only one not feverish and/or coughing today.  And the only reason he isn't sick now is because he was sick last week.  Whatever virus we have is a nasty one.  Biju is on day 3 of fever.  Alex started feeling ill Sunday morning and it progressed pretty quickly. 
Just starting to feel a bit ill yet still in a decent mood.
Around 2pm he got into a fit about not feeling well (crying, jumping up and down) and ended up spitting up a dose of Ibuprofen and a few swallows of red Gatorade.  He then refused to take another dose of medicine and he went crying, coughing and screaming into his bedroom and climbed into his bed.

Last night was really rough.  My fever kicked in around bedtime, Alex couldn't find anywhere comfy to sleep - his bed, the floor, our bed, the couch - and was in tears a few times.  Aren woke up around 3:30am and couldn't get back to sleep until around 5am.  Biju's fever never really dropped below 100, until this afternoon, despite keeping up with a Tylenol routine.  I'm hoping tonight goes much better!

This morning, Alex was still pretty upset and not well.
Mis-matching his pj's on purpose.  No clue why.  Maybe the virus affected the way he thinks??

Tuesday update:
I slept quite a bit yesterday and I am so glad to report that I don't seem to have gotten the bug as bad as Biju did.  I think he got it the worst.  Even Alex had a lesser version if you look at how long Biju was ill.  Early yesterday afternoon Alex was feeling decent enough to start showing his boisterous personality.
Biju is better today and was able to go to work. Aren's cough is just as mean as ever which made for another long night for the two of us.  He's taking Amoxicillan for an ear infection but I wish that darn cough would disappear. 
Yesterday was a T.V. day.  It was on all day and we watched a lot of Phineas and Ferb.  Today we've got the radio going and the boys are playing in their room.  I wish it weren't so wet and rainy outside.  Spring Break and they're stuck inside either because they're sick or because it's raining.
Now that my health is improving I guess I should clean up the house and do the chores no one has done for the last few days.  Not looking forward to that. 
*I typed too soon this morning.  Now that I've been awake a couple of hours and the medicine that I took at 3am is wearing off I'm realizing I'm still pretty run down.  If only Aren would go to sleep and stay asleep!! 


mommyjoymarie said...

Yuck! Reed and Micah have ear infections over here (Micah in both ears). Reed has been running a fever since last Wendnesday! Today was much better, though. Hope both of our families are on the mend soon!

Michelle said...

It's always bad when the whole family gets it, especially the parents. :( Hope your home is healthy soon!