Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Road Trip

A couple of Fridays ago (Oct. 15th) after lunch I loaded up the boys and we hit the road.  We had checked out a couple of DVDs from the library so I put in the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving video for them to watch.  I thought Alex would fall asleep while watching it but he didn't.  After it was over I told the boys it was time to look out the window for awhile and admire the scenery.  (Insert impromptu vocab lesson.)  This did the trick...for Ajay.  He was out within a few minutes.  For Alex, it took a bit longer.  I turned on some nice classical music to listen to.  That finally worked.  The unfortunate part was that it was working for me, too!  I had to call Lisa at work so she could help keep me awake.   Once Ajay woke, I gave him the camera to take a few photos.  He got a pic of me driving, one of his snoozing brother, and a few action shots. Here is one:

We drove on through without any stops and arrived at Jeff and Jaime's place a little after 4pm.  We finally got to meet Tessa!!

The boys really enjoyed playing with their cousins and I got to have a nice visit with my little brother and his wife.   

It was a beautiful afternoon, so the kids spent most of their time outside playing frisbee. 

We couldn't leave without letting Ajay hold his newest cousin.  The boys love babies! 

After dinner with the family we loaded up and headed to my parents, about 25-30 minutes away.  My niece, Jenna, had gotten a cast earlier that day so the boys got to sign it.  Ajay signed his name, Alex sorta drew a long line :) 

The boys got to spend a lot of time on the farm with the family that weekend.  Saturday morning, I gave them hugs, hit the road and didn't see them again until late Sunday morning.  But of course, that story is for another post!!


lisa said...

What happened to Jenna??? Did you tell me about this and I just don't remember???

Kalinda said...

She had a little mishap with a cartwheel. She had x-rays taken awhile back and the doc missed it. She went about a month walking around on it, limping, etc, until they got a second opinion. This doc said it was an obvious fracture :(