Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Recipe Wednesday - Banana Smoothie

Ya know, I coulda sworn I had already posted this somewhere, but my sister was asking about it the other day and told me she couldn't find it on here.  I used the search tool (did you all know there's a search tool specifically for my blog on here?) and I wasn't able to find it either.   I was quite surprised!
We love this smoothie.  Thursdays are banana days at a lot of stores, so we always stock up on bananas for a low price.  (Check at your store - even if there isn't an advertised sale, ask a teller and they might give you a discount.)    Our favorite way to use them is like this: 

1/2 c. plain, low-fat yogurt
1/2 T. PB
1/2 c. milk 
1 med. banana, broken into 1-2in. pieces
dash cinnamon
dash vanilla extract.  

Put all into Magic Bullet or blender, blend, enjoy! (Serves one.  If counting points, this is 5pts. and is pretty filling/satisfying.) 

Note - I found this recipe years ago, I think through the Discovery Channel's weight loss challenge.  I first started using vanilla yogurt - that's a great substitute for the plain yogurt, if you're interested.  Also, the original recipe called for frozen bananas, if you'd like to go that route.  

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