Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Good golly it is cold out there! I've been bundling the boys up every morning for our trips to school. I crocheted Alex a pair of woolen mittens. I don't think the wool feels nice on his hands, as he often balks at putting them on. The other night I tried to put some wool pants I had crocheted on him, and he absolutely would not let me. He was fine with a different pair of pajama pants, though. So I guess the wool pair of pants I'm almost done crocheting might not get any use :(

I keep thinking I want to make my blog more Christmas-like, but I've been pretty busy lately. I've been focusing on Norwex, and all this week I'm devoting my spare time to crocheting. Maybe in January when things slow down a little, I'll figure out how to make some changes to the blog. Even though the blog may not be decked out for Christmas, I've tried to make the house look like the approriate season! The boys helped me decorate with the non-breakable things during the day, and when Biju got home from work, we all put up the rest of the "pretties."

The boys making some time for artwork

Here are the boys all bundled up to brave the cold

And for an extra treat, a video of Alex singing this morning. I wanted to get him singing all by himself, and to get him counting, but as soon as I turned the video on, he clammed up.

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