Thursday, December 17, 2009

Muffins with Mom

Alex and I just got home from having a special treat at Ajay's school this morning. We dropped Ajay off at his classroom, as usual, then headed into a classroom next door where they were holding a Muffins with Mom event. We picked up a couple of muffins and some juice and settled in amongst the many other moms that attended the "function." We all got to introduce ourselves and announce who our child(ren) was/were and which class s/he was in. Up next was a slide show of the school children going about their days, set to some Bach. We were dismissed and Alex and I joined the 4 other women going into the Pre-K room. Ajay immediately started coming towards me and I had to shoo him back to his spot on the carpet. It was fun listening to the kids sing "Who let the M out? M..M..M. Who let the N out? N...N..N." A couple more songs, a lesson about Q, then learning labs. Ajay was in the first group called to play with shaving cream. Alex wanted to get his mitts in, too, so Ms. Mc. got him his own tray and squirt of the squishy stuff. When the timer went off, Ajay and his classmates walked down the hall with their hands in the air towards the bathrooms. Alex did the same. Once back, we watched Ajay and some of his friends string lettered plastic blocks onto thick strings. Alex tried, and almost got one all on his own. Afterwards it was time to head home. Alex wanted to stay, and Ajay wanted us to stay. It really was fun :)
And now it is time to get our shoes and coats back on and go pick up Ajay!

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