Friday, December 18, 2009

Welcome, Audrey Caroline!

Audrey Caroline made her much awaited debut today. Mama Shelly and Baby are doing well.

(Ajay took this picture!)

Shell went into the hospital this morning at 6am to get the induction started. She was due on Christmas Eve, but being a diabetic, the docs wanted to induce earlier to be sure Baby came before the placenta stopped doing its job! I'm sure she can tell a better version of the story, so I'll just sum it up here. She got the pitocin and epidurals going early this AM, she pushed for about a half hour around 1pm, I think, but Audrey was comfy inside. Doc said to wait a bit longer to see if the contractions would help move her down a little. That must've done the trick!

Audrey Caroline

December 18, 2009


8lbs 7oz

19 3/4 inches

Kyleigh stayed with us for the day while Paige was at school. Here are the kiddos ready to head over to the hospital for their first look at Audrey. Ajay is holding the little gift box with Audrey's birthday present.

Alex wasted no time getting comfy in the delivery room.

Papa Jim was holding the little bundle when we arrived. Here is Ajay along with Kyleigh looking at "My baby sisser!"

The nurse needed to check her vitals...

Uncle Biju got to hold the babe for a few minutes.

Here is Audrey with her mama and both sets of grandparents.

Here are the little mitts I crocheted up for our little winter baby:

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