Friday, May 10, 2013

Just havin' fun

Trying to get caught up to the present time - big events have happened in the last few days - so forgive me while I just dump out a few photos for you :)

Playing with the neighbors.  Aren loves anything with wheels.  Wagon, stroller, play lawn mower.  If it has wheels, he's got to ride on it or push it!

Aren's first experience with finger paint.  Love his expression.

Very tentative.

Here, Mom, you try!

Hey! I like this!

After finger painting he put on a "hat" made by Alex.  He held oh-so-still for this photo.

Alex made a crown, with a little help from Mama, and turned his art apron around to be worn as a cape.

That grin makes my Mama-Heart happy!

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