Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday

Well here we are. Super Bowl Sunday. Now typically, our family has not been much for football. More recently, however, Biju has discovered he kinda likes the sport! We were invited to a Super Bowl Party so this evening we'll be watching the Big Game with friends. It's win-win all the way around, really. Biju will get to watch some football and learn even more about the game, the boys will get to play with other kiddos, and I'll get to talk w/ some of the other guests who might only be in it for the commercials.
I was trying to find something fun to take over and stumbled across a fun looking recipe. It was on the KLove website, and it is called Buffalo Chicken Dip. I just finished making it and I, of course, had to give it a taste test. (Wouldn't want to take it if it was horrible!) And despite not being a fan of buffalo chicken wings, I was actually quite impressed! The only drawback is we don't leave for another hour (as of my writing). I shoved the dutch oven into the fridge, and I guess I'll pull it back out in 45 minutes, transfer it to my pretty crock, slide it into the oven to warm back up, then head out the door.
And now to back up a little, I'll tell you about our morning.
As we were getting the boys buckled up for church, Biju's hand slipped on Ajay's tether. His hand flew up into Ajay's face and he poked him in the eye - pretty hard. There were quite a few tears, but he calmed down quickly enough, and luckily there is no mark!
At church, there is this big holy water ... uh.... gee, I don't know what to call it! It isn't a fountain, but it almost seems as if it would be. There is a big round basin, of sorts, on the ground, then a higher pedestal, all containing holy water. The kids like to stand on the lower black marble bricks to get to the "pool" of water to dip their hands in. The only drawback to this is there are extra little "pools" evenly spaced around the floor bricks. Have I confused you yet?? I wish I had a picture. Anyhoo. Alex stepped up onto a brick to dip his hand into the holy water and took a sidestep - right down into a mini-pool of water. His whole right foot was soaked! We ended up taking off his socks and shoes.
Looks like it has taken me almost an hour to type up this post. Time to stick the dip into the oven , get the boys ready and then head out!

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