Friday, February 19, 2010

Here we go again

Will the boys be healthier once Spring arrives? 

It seems as though both boys have Bronchitis, now.  Ajay started with a little cough on Monday and that steadily got worse.  By the middle of the night Wednesday night/Thursday morning, he had a fever.  It has stayed pretty low, for the most part, so we haven't had to give him too much medicine.  Yesterday I noticed Alex starting in on the deep chested cough.  I had a little cough and a few sneezes, but I don't seem to have gotten any worse. 
This morning, after I called the school to let them know Ajay would be missing a second day of school, I called up the pediatrician.  Our regular doc was full for the day so they got us in to see one of his colleagues.  This doc listened to Ajay's chest for awhile and said he heard a slight rattle in the lungs.  We went for an x-ray down the hall and the picture of the lungs seemed clear, for the most part, I guess.  The doc said that since Little Brother seemed to be following in Big Brother's footsteps, it was likely Bronchitis (Pneumonia isn't so contagious, it seems).  Not much we can do for this, except to keep them well hydrated and rested. 

They both feel a little warm to the touch right now, but their fevers are hovering around the 100 degree mark (under the armpit).  I won't give Tylenol or Motrin until their fevers get higher, or they start acting like they're miserable.  I want the fever to do the job it was intended to do - fight off the nasties!   

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