Friday, February 12, 2010

4-day weekend

Here we on Friday looking ahead at a 4-day weekend for Ajay.  No school today or Monday.  Time to find some fun activities to keep everyone occupied!

Biju and I have had a discussion about cutting television viewing down to a minimum.  Yesterday, the boys watched about 10 minutes of Barney after lunch and that was it for the day.  Today they've watched a half hour of Curious George and 20 minutes of Barney.  That's quite a cut-back.  I do love PBS, as what they see is educational, but it's still nice to let them use their own imagination to play with their homemade play dough, their chalkboards, read their books, etc.  We're hoping all of this change will result in better behavior all around. 

We went for a walk this morning.  It was nice to get out into the fresh air.  We were, of course, bundled up, but the wind wasn't blowing strongly and the sun was shining on  us.  (Alex wasn't thrilled with the sun: "Sun hurt my eyes, Ma!") After we got back I let the boys play in the back yard for a bit while I prepared lunch.  I had to bring them in earlier than expected, though, as they'd found a nice mud hole to wallow in.  Both coats are in desperate need of a good washing! 

We will be watching some more television tonight - have to see the opening ceremony of the Olympics!  We love it when the Olympics are on.

Both boys are asleep.  I guess I should take advantage of this time and go do some housework.  Blah.

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